Are you Fat?!
Are you a person of color?!
Are you sick and tired of being made to feel bad about either or both of those things?!

If you answered YES to the above WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!

The It Gets Fatter Project is looking for submissions - video, text, drawings, audio, and other! - that discuss your personal journey to loving your body. We don’t just want to hear from folks who are well on their way - we also want to hear from folks who are just starting out. One of the main goals of this project is to create a community (virtual or real) of like-minded individuals so that all of us feel a little less isolated and alone when we face the many different forms of fatphobia that manifest in our lives. We want to hear about all the different ways fatness intersects with the other isms we already face in our lives - for instance, fatness & desire, fatness & ability, fatness & gender, fatness & queerness etc etc etc.

If you don’t feel comfortable submitting publicly, you can also drop us a line via the tumblr ask or at and let us know that you are out there. We hope one day we will all feel safe sharing our stories on the interwebs with this big wide world.


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