Body Positivity and Size-ism rarely have a place at the table in so many of our movements, and when they do get space, these conversations centre on white people and white bodies. This track will actually be a showcase for rad fatties of color and their allies and all of our knowledge building will centre and prioritize Indigenous, Black and fat POC voices. If you care at all about folks on the margins, PLEASE support this campaign. And if you are a white/non-fat person, now would be the time to step up and get all your white/non-fat friends to support Body positivity that’s actually led by Black, Indigenous and POC fatties.

We only have a week to go. Have you donated yet?

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Yo, have you supported this campaign? We’re talking to all those white anons who keep messaging us asking us what they can do if IGF isn’t for them. STEP UP. DONATE. HARASS ALL YOUR WHITE FRIENDS. 


LOOK AT ALL THESE LOVELY PEOPLE!! We just created these postcards to support the incredibly valuable and important work the Abundant Bodies track will be doing this year at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit! Please help spread the word and please please please financially support us if you are able to!

Funds can be donated here.

Full program of workshops and panels here.


Different bodies exist in different shapes and sizes and they always will – no matter how much we are taught to hate certain bodies and no matter how much we hate ourselves for being embodied in a way that is unacceptable to mainstream discourse(s). This is why fat bodies are always under attack: not because everyone cares about fat people’s “health,” but because in their very existence, fat bodies present a danger to the status quo simply because they ‘fail’ to conform to the many ways we are required to police our own (and each other’s) bodies every single day. — Asam / IGF

Um firstly, I have to say that I’m pretty much dying at how great these pictures are! Also, on March 27th, we presented an amazing workshop on the possibilities and impossibilities of body positivity, open to all POC, Black and Indigenous folks. We were surrounded by incredible participants who helped us create a wonderful space for listening and sharing. It was such a special night and we were happy to see so many new faces.

A big thanks to The Centre for Women and Trans People and U of T for sponsoring the event. We really love doing these workshops and look forward to the next one!

If you have any inquires about workshops, email us at: itgetsfatterproject@gmail.com

"How are you so confident?" "I’m an asshole!" Okay? It’s my good time, and my good life, despite what you think of me. I live my life, because I dare. I dare to show up when everyone else might hide their faces and hide their bodies in shame. I show up because I’m an asshole, and I want to have a good time. And my mother and my father love me. They wanted the best life for me, and they didn’t know how to verbalize it. And I get it. I really do. They were better parents to me than they had themselves. I’m grateful to them, and to my fifth grade class, because if they hadn’t made me cry, I wouldn’t be able to cry on cue now. If I hadn’t been told I was garbage, I wouldn’t have learned how to show people I’m talented. And if everyone had always laughed at my jokes, I wouldn’t have figured out how to be so funny. If they hadn’t told me I was ugly, I never would have searched for my beauty. And if they hadn’t tried to break me down, I wouldn’t know that I’m unbreakable. Gabourey Sidibe’s Ms Gala speech is EVERYTHING! (via blackgirlstalking)

(via blackgirlstalking)